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सिर्फ़ पार्टी नही, मिशन है

All monetary contributions to Swaraj India, except those made in cash are deductible from Gross Total Income under sections 80GGB (for Indian companies) & section 80GGC of the Indian Income Tax Act,1961

Swaraj India PAN number: AARAS3177L.

Swaraj India Election Commission of India Registration No: 56/266/2016-17/PPS-1

Swaraj India has neither authorized nor receives or invites any voluntary contribution in foreign currency or from any person who is not a citizen of India. No FCRA permission or registration is obtained or held by Swaraj India. Citizens of India including Non-Resident Indians holding valid Indian passports can alone make valid voluntary contribution to Swaraj India in Indian Currency only.

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